Registering your team:
What you need



When registering your team online for the Cornhusker State Games, please note that your roster does not automatically save if you exit out of your browser before completing the registration.

Please have the following items ready and available before registering your team:

Team Name
Team Shipping Option (Ship team box for $14 or pick up team box at no charge)
Team Rating (For scheduling reasons. Rating system may vary per sport)
Optional Assistant Coach Details (Name, phone, email, and shirt size. For youth sports only)

Full Name

Email (Can enter n/a or coach’s email if unknown)
Full Name
Date of Birth
Shirt Size
Shirt Style (Free white cotton or $10.70 micro-fiber upgrade)
Opening Ceremonies Ticket Preference


The number of players added to the roster must meet the minimum roster size requirements to view available events on the event selection page.

All players on the roster must meet the age and gender requirements to view available events on the event selection page.

Some sports may require additional sport-specific information such as membership numbers. Please double check your sport info for these details before registering.

Once you get to the Checkout page, payment in whole is needed to pay for the team and complete the registration. If you do not pay right away, your team registration will remain in the shopping cart for 48 hours before automatically clearing.

TEAM BOX SHIPPING: When adding players to your roster, you must select the TEAM option in the Individual Athlete Packet Shipping dropdown menu. This will assure that individual packet shipping charges are not added per player. You will have the option of selecting team box shipping during a later step of registration.

FRIENDLY HINT: Don’t use your browser’s Back button to navigate back through the registration steps. If you need to go back, use the BACK button located at the bottom of the registration page.

QUESTIONS? If you have questions about the online registration process, or are having troubles registering online, please email or call 402-471-2544 for assistance. Any sport-related questions can be directed to your sport director.

Download printable version of this team registration information